Pick Your Paint

Here are some pieces waiting to be refabbed…like what you see but need to customize a tish!? No problem – just pick your paint and I’ll paint it for you!


  1. Jill Brouwer says:

    Hi! Just found your site and love the beautiful projects you’ve done. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada and have just discovered chalk paint. It is hard to find old furniture here (especially at a good price) sadly, but I’m keeping my eyes open!

    My question is whether you would share how much you charge to paint a piece of furniture, for example a 3-drawer dresser or a dining table. I am looking to supplement my income and love to use color and paint. I think there must be people too busy to do their own furniture painting but have a piece they would like transformed. That would help me have some fun and solve the difficulty I’ve had accessing old pieces (without spending a fortune for them at an auction). I just haven’t a clue how much to charge.

    It would be very kind of share to give me a little guidance.
    Thanks very very much from a Canadian neighbor!

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