Paint Sprayer

Good morning!

I thought I’d give you a little review of my sprayer experience so far. Just for review, I bought an inexpensive sprayer a few years ago from Harbor Freight, which is a type of hardware store. I kept putting off learning to use it out of fear. I didn’t want to mess up a piece of furniture!

But, the time finally came a few weeks ago when I found a very heavy duty and sturdy, but super inexpensive dresser at a barn sale that needed a bunch of work. So, I figured if it doesn’t work on this dresser, NBD (that’s ‘no big deal’ to you folks that aren’t up on your kid speak).


I had to re-glue the top because it had split, so I got to use my new big clamps. That was exciting! (It’s the little things people!) Then there were several drawers that needed to be glued and then I filled all the old pull holes, sanded them down, cleaned it up and then got out the sprayer.


I don’t have a picture of the sprayer, because, well, I broke it. I dropped it and it broke. So….now I need a new one, but this one was only $15. So, not a big loss. Plus there are a couple of other things I want different, anyway. But more on that in a minute.

I took some duck egg chalk paint and mixed it with a little water. The LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure) sprayer that I used required a lot of paint in the sprayer, but left a lot in the bottom, so I could just pour it back into the container when I was done with the piece. The bucket is on the bottom and sucks it up, so, the next one I buy is going to have the paint bucket on top so it flows down instead of being sucked up. (Does any of this make sense?)

The thing is, you just have to go for it. I go for it with everything else, I don’t know why I was so freaked out about this!


I LOVED USING IT! It worked great. I think the top flow will be even better. I distressed it lightly and then waxed it. I also found a bunch of great old wood knobs that I rubbed some MMS Tung Oil onto and I think they just look great with this dresser!

I love the sprayer! I did a couple of other pieces with it, but I don’t think I will be able to use it on every piece, some pieces just require a brush, and I really like the look of the brush strokes too! The drying time is a bit longer with the water mixed in, but the short spraying time makes it easy to deal with!

Let me know what questions you have, if you have any!



White Stripes

Can’t wait to see who visits based on that title! I heart the White Stripes.

This has nothing to do with the White Stripes though. Well, except for the words.

I found a small dresser at Gdub. Nothing special.


I decided it needed to be glammed up a bit. So, I went ahead and started painting.

Then I added painters tape.

Then I painted again.

Then I removed the painters tape.


Then I distressed it just a teeny tiny bit.

Then I added some gorgeous crystal pulls.

Then I called it done.


And then I loved it.

Happy Wednesday!


Side of the Road Find

When we lived in O-town, people would drop things off in front of our garage that they found on the side of the road or that they were going to throw out. I also got lots of text messages with things like, “chair, Lisbon and Oakwood”. Or messages about good garage sales. I absolutely loved that I had some “pickers” out there and knew what I would be interested in!

Since we’ve been here, I haven’t had a lot of success with finding items, so when someone here lets me know of something available, I get a little giddy!

Someone Tom works with let him know this was on the side of the road and he let me know…so after Body Pump the other day, I drove by….I am so glad I did!

The only thing was that this piece was crazy heavy. And I moved it by myself at 38.5 weeks pregnant. Some would think I’m crazy stupid. They are probably right, but that thing hit me….you know the thing…if I don’t grab this now, someone else is going to and I am going to miss out! So I did every thing I could to get it in the truck….unfortunately for me, I didn’t go into labor! I wish it would have started something!

The bottom drawer is not in-tact, but the front is there, so I will hinge it and put baskets in the bottom for storage.

It has the best drawers and shape. And the top is great. I’m thinking of staining the top and painting the rest turquoise. We shall see what happens to it!

Oh, and casters! Love me some casters…

Night stand dressers

When we picked up the fireplace mantel we also picked up two little dressers that I thought would be perfect as nightstands in our bedroom. They are a great size, have a nice surface for lights and books and monitors and then three drawers for storage.

I love the style and I knew they would be perfect next to our barn wood headboard. I love mixing different styles. I love the look of items collected over time instead of purchased all at one time at one big furniture store. Plus, these have a great story! I worked out a deal with the antique dealer to get the three items for a great price. Who doesn’t love feeling like they got a good deal?!

I painted them paris gray, distressed them and then waxed them. I love the pulls, so they stayed.

So yummy and dreamy….

Make Over Monday

One of my new clients here in town bought a dresser from me and decided to have one of their dressers finished as well, which of course makes me happy!

What made me even happier was that she wanted it purple! You know that I never get to paint things in girly colors, so when I do, I get excited about it.

Here’s the dresser mid painting. The unpainted drawer needed to be fixed, so I glued and wood puttied and sanded and painted. I am pretty sure you can’t tell which one I fixed.

I distressed it, waxed it with clear wax, and added some crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby…and it turned out great!

Love painting in girly colors!

Happy Monday!


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