Whole 30

If you are here for a furniture or house post, then you will have to wait a couple of days, maybe weeks? Today we are talking food. Healthy food. 

My friend and partner in crime, Allison from Fab Rehab (you all know her right?) was doing the Whole30 in February and so I decided to join her on a whim. I read all about it and shopped the same day. I finished the 30 days the day before we were to leave on vacation. Perfect timing. I did not cheat once. Not even a crumb. I have done a 3 day juice cleanse and found it difficult, but this 30 day thing included chewing, so I felt like it would be a little better. 

If you haven’t heard of Whole30, you should take a look online and read all about it before you make any decisions for yourself. Don’t base your decisions on silly old me, but I will tell you my results and how I felt/feel!

In a nutshell, Whole30 is 30 days of eating only healthy foods. No grains (no bagels!) sugar (no  Nutella!) dairy (no cheese!), legumes (no peanuts!) and alcohol (no wine!). You can eat fruits and vegetables, eggs, meats that are organic and contain no extras (no lunch meats!). You are supposed to eat three meals a day, no snacking. Eat as much as you want at each meal. I don’t eat red meat or pork really, so I got creative with chicken and tuna and scallops! If you cheat you have to start over. And 28 days is not the same as 30 days. 

Let me tell you. Some days are easier than others. For me, 3:00 every day really sucked. Every day. It still does. It’s an emotional thing for me. The boys get home from school and Lincoln wakes up from his nap and I am a wreck. But, I dealt with it. Instead of eating, I read or worked on a project while the boys did their homework.

I won’t go into how I felt every single day, the Whole30 Website has a great synopsis of the daily things you may feel and it is pretty spot on. A couple things I discovered (non-scale victories) along my 30 days of torture, er, journey…

  1. I can eat eggs again. After having babies, eggs were not my friend, slowly along the 30 days I introduced eggs and discovered they don’t make me sick anymore. It was the strangest thing, it could have been a mental thing, but could have also been all the extra additives that I have been consuming that threw eggs for me. 
  2. I love kale chips. I found this out after the whole30 was over, but I’m still adding it to the list. 
  3. I slept all night long waking at 5:30 and not feeling tired.
  4. I don’t have to take 4 Advil in the morning just to get out of bed! This is the biggest thing that happened to me, in my opinion. For over 13 years I have suffered from severe back pain and going to doctor upon doctor having them tell me there really isn’t much they can do. Two weeks before I started this, I went to a doctor who told me I could have surgery to fix my vet nearly grown together degenerative disc or I can live with it until it fuses together at some point. I left there frustrated and angry. About two weeks into whole30 I woke up not in pain. So I didn’t take any meds. Then I did some research and found that gluten has been found to cause joint pain. Hello! I will say, it isn’t perfect and the pain isn’t totally gone all the time, but it isn’t debilitating any more. Goodbye gluten. Hello less pain.
  5. My running has improved so much!
  6. My skin! I’m not much for makeup in the first place, but I don’t even put on cover-up or foundation. 

Now, a couple of other things. Hubs noticed that my breath which was generally pretty pleasant became somewhat unpleasant. Which I can understand when you eat like a caveman. I just remember to brush more. Which my dentist should be happy about. For me alcohol was the easiest thing to give up, and grains. I could leave rice and bread at the store, those are just fillers for me. The hardest thing for me was not snacking. I realized that I was snacking all the time. And even if it was a spoonful of Nutella or a zone bar, those things add up quickly! 

In the 30 days, I lost over 11 pounds and 11 inches. Which is fantastic because I’ve been carrying that extra baby weight for over two years. In fact I was at my annual physical and my doctor said, you can eat half and double your exercise OR you can be happy where you are at, which, by the way, was fine, but not my happy place. So, bam.

Now, I knew I was going on vacay and wanted to keep things going, and I did, for the most part, but margaritas are so good! And cheese! Good cheese. I did find a couple of gluten free items, discovered kale chips, had some great Mexican food, and enjoyed myself without regret (well, maybe a couple regrets, just say no to gluten dear body.) One thing I really concentrated on was working out. I made sure that I got tons of exercise, which was pretty easy since we were in Arizona and it was beautiful the entire time. And I talked hubby into running with me several times!

Through the course of this, I found that on vacay I missed my Whole30 way of eating. It made me happy. And I felt lighter, less bloated and just plain happier. Even though some days I really wanted a spoonful of Nutella. 

I haven’t weighed myself since I’ve been on vacation. I will soon, I’m sure, since we’re back. I’m excited to keep going on this and continuing this way of life. With a couple of treats thrown in once in awhile!

Vintage Rocker

You guys. Remember this rocker?

I got it last September during a parade that we were walking in for Carver Junk Company. I saw it, asked the guy on the side of the road if he would sell it for twenty bucks and the next day I picked it up. It is one of my favorite score stories ever! 

I found a guy to sandblast it and he cleaned it right up. 

Then I painted it a mix of some Annie Sloan colors:

And then it sat. All the live long winter. I had the cushion covers made by someone on etsy, and although it took several months, they are perfect and exactly what I wanted. 

Since it is supposed to snow tomorrow, I figured I might as well get the glider out and get the foam just to ensure that it snows a good foot. #thatsmurphyslaw

And you guys. I love it! It will probably go on the deck when that gets built this spring, but for now, all the neighbors get to see it out on the front patio and I know they are totes jealous.

I’ll style it up nice and pretty some day for you, but for now, this is perfect. The kids already sat on it with their Cheetos fingers and broke it right in. 

Carver Junk Company Wall

This fall my buddies at Carver Junk Company saw the wall I did at one of my neighbor’s house and wanted me to make one for their new store location in Minneapolis. It’s a fantastic spot near one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Pepitos as well as Turtle Bread and some great clothing stores and special gift spots.
Let me tell you. I was so nervous! I said no in my head a dozen times. But then, Tom said, just do it and I’ll help. So, I told them I would do it.

They wanted it to be temporary so we put it on plywood. Plywood on plywood. I had to lay it out two boards at a time, and only attach some of the strips of boards, so that when it went up on the wall it looked like a continuous piece.

They put it up on the wall and then I came in and finished attaching the boards that didn’t get nailed in to the boards originally. There were some struggles getting the boards to fit properly after it was attached to the wall, but it all worked out great.

(null)I absolutely love the different wood tones. The white is Annie Sloan watered down and the gray is two coats of gray stain. The darker stain is dark walnut, I think…..

I’m just so happy with the way it turned out! Thanks to Carver Junk Company for trusting me to build that wall!

Happy Monday!


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DIY Plywood Plank Floor

Hello! Who’s busy?! It gets so crazy around here. We had a hectic holiday with lots of traveling, the stomach bug and so much fun and food! This weekend we went to help load some wood and went skiing for the day at Indianhead in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula for you non-midwesterners). We had so much fun! I wish we could take the kids skiing every weekend. They are getting so good.

I’ve been working on this project for a little while now. I spent a lot of time debating what material to use. I couldn’t decide between pine plywood and birch. Tom didn’t really help much, he said it would look good either way. I just finally bit the bullet and decided on the birch. I ordered 1/2 inch birch plywood from The Home Depot and had them cut it in 8 inch strips. I ordered it because I knew it would take them a long time to cut it, and it really makes it easier for me to pick up and grab it instead of waiting for it. It was $250 for 6- 4×8 sheets. Not bad, as far as I’m concerned!

A few months ago I tore out the carpet…


Then it sat like this for a couple of months…


Then last week I ordered the boards. I am always nervous to get started because I’m afraid it is going to be more involved than I want it to be, but it turns out, it wasn’t too bad.


I put down some roofing material as a protector and sound barrier. And then I cut some boards for transitions into each doorway. I just made them the width of the door casing. I’ll figure out what to do with the carpet at a later time…

After they were dry fit, I attached the boards tightly with my pneumatic nailer. Easy peasy. I figured if it doesn’t work, I can always screw the boards in later.

Then a few coats of poly and done. It’s really that easy….not really. But you get the gist.


I love how it turned out. I was worried it would look very d-i-y but I’m happy to report that even hubby likes it. So, I think this one is a winner!


Now to tackle all that trim….

Vintage Factory Cart

Good morning! I know I should be posting about Christmas and all the tree trimming and cookie baking that is going on, but right now, I just wanted to tell you about my cart!

Remember my dream list? The one that includes things like a vintage scale, a vintage factory cart, old doors, barn wood, yada, yada…well, I get to cross one of them off the list!

I drove into the abyss on the coldest day of the year so far and found this thing buried in the back of a farmers storage area…outside…it was not in good shape, but the wheels were worth it!




I was hoping to salvage the wood, but it was rotten all the way through. So, I measured everything and then chopped it all up with my saws-all.

I had the lumber yard cut up some cedar to the exact measurements I needed for the frame.

The I put the frame together and attached all the metal ends with new bolts. Four trips to the hardware store for bolts. Nice.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with the top, I consulted my woodworking buddy at Rubbish Reborne and he gave me a few ideas.
I headed over to Menards and laid out all sorts of wood and measured on the floor so I didn’t have too much or not enough.
Then I brought it all home and attached it with my nail gun. The only thing I wish I would have done differently was to round out the edges a bit instead of them being so ‘perfect’ but I’ll live and I’m sure it will get distressed enough with the boys around. I measured them out by eyeballing it. I put the two end pieces on first and then put all the other wood in randomly and spaced it with my eyeballs. After I attached them, I waxed the whole thing.


We had to wait to bring it in until the new wheel came, so it sat in the garage for a few days. The second I got it in the mail, I wiped it down and attached it.
Then, that night I asked Tom to help me bring it in.


The wheels are uneven because when it is actually used as a factory cart it is easier to move, so we are going to level them out, but other than that, it is done!
And I LOVE it! Let me know if you have any questions!

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