Vintage Factory Cart

Good morning! I know I should be posting about Christmas and all the tree trimming and cookie baking that is going on, but right now, I just wanted to tell you about my cart!

Remember my dream list? The one that includes things like a vintage scale, a vintage factory cart, old doors, barn wood, yada, yada…well, I get to cross one of them off the list!

I drove into the abyss on the coldest day of the year so far and found this thing buried in the back of a farmers storage area…outside…it was not in good shape, but the wheels were worth it!




I was hoping to salvage the wood, but it was rotten all the way through. So, I measured everything and then chopped it all up with my saws-all.

I had the lumber yard cut up some cedar to the exact measurements I needed for the frame.

The I put the frame together and attached all the metal ends with new bolts. Four trips to the hardware store for bolts. Nice.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with the top, I consulted my woodworking buddy at Rubbish Reborne and he gave me a few ideas.
I headed over to Menards and laid out all sorts of wood and measured on the floor so I didn’t have too much or not enough.
Then I brought it all home and attached it with my nail gun. The only thing I wish I would have done differently was to round out the edges a bit instead of them being so ‘perfect’ but I’ll live and I’m sure it will get distressed enough with the boys around. I measured them out by eyeballing it. I put the two end pieces on first and then put all the other wood in randomly and spaced it with my eyeballs. After I attached them, I waxed the whole thing.


We had to wait to bring it in until the new wheel came, so it sat in the garage for a few days. The second I got it in the mail, I wiped it down and attached it.
Then, that night I asked Tom to help me bring it in.


The wheels are uneven because when it is actually used as a factory cart it is easier to move, so we are going to level them out, but other than that, it is done!
And I LOVE it! Let me know if you have any questions!

DIY Tree Slice Mirrors

It’s December 2nd! We had a fantastic Thanksgiving in the Northwoods of Wisco. There was lots of snow this year, which was a little different for us, but still tons of fun! The boys went sledding and made a snow man, I snuggled by the fire and tried to stay warm!


One of the projects I started a few months ago was with some tree slices that my father-in-law sliced up for me. Of course I did the thing that generally happens to me, I think I have the most amazing, brilliant idea, and then like a fool I look it up on Pinterest and sure enough someone has absconded with my idea. I’m sticking with my original thoughts though, because I usually have these ideas and THEN look them up.

This is a fun one. I started with slices of wood and I used our drill press and a 5 1/2 inch hole saw to make a hole. It took FOREVER. But, that’s okay.

After I had a hole, I sanded everything down and attached a mirror to the back with some clips.


The second batch is actually a teeny bit more advanced because my FIL helped me countersink the mirror so it is flush on the back. Ooh-ahh…say it with me.

Then I took some leather straps in varying lengths and attached them in different ways to the piece with an upholstery tack.


And that’s it! I love how they turned out. And the fist batch was gone in a weekend!


Happy Tuesday!

Burgundy Buffet

Happy November!

The boys had a great time on Halloween, tons of candy was collected and now that it is November my candy corn obsession has stopped until next year. Thank goodness.
I haven’t done a buffet in a long time and if you’ve been following for awhile, you may remember that buffets are my favorite thing to transform.
This one came from my neighbor’s grandparents so I had to make sure it was a stellar makeover!
Here’s the before:

It had some shelf liner on the top so I took the heat gun and got it off, then sanded the top and stained it and polyed it.




After taping it off and covering the top, I painted the body in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in her new color called burgundy. Let me tell you something about this burgundy. I freaked out. It looked magenta. Like, pink! Not a deep red burgundy color. But, after if dried it was much darker than the wet paint and I was so relieved!

I painted inside the cabinet duck egg.


A little dark wax and she’s all set up for sale at Carver Junk Company!




DIY Planked Wall with technicolor

Good morning!
As you know, I’ve planked a wall or two in my day. In fact I’ve started to plank other people’s walls, because I’m running out of walls in our house to plank!
I did this wall at my friends house:

And then our friend/neighbor saw her wall and wanted me to do something similar but a teeny bit different in her house.
So yesterday I did that. But first, I had to get the kind people at Home Depot to cut some boards in 6 inch and 4 inch strips. It took awhile, but they were stars and got it all done.
Then I came home and lined my driveway with all the planks and stained several of them in dark walnut, weathered gray and Jacobean.
I randomly stacked them, not thinking about where or how many were in the pile.
Then we got started:
Nothing out of the norm. I started at the top and worked my way over and down. The boards aren’t 1. Perfectly straight and 2. All the same width. The machine at HD is not perfect, so make sure that if you do this, you make piles of the closest sizes as far as width goes and use the same width pieces in the same row, or you will be off, and you’ll have gaps and you’ll swear my name and break down and cry and throw things. Don’t do that. Measure the board width too, so that they line up.
After I got started on a few rows, I made demands from my trusty assistant to get me boards, cut them randomly and don’t bring me the same length, ever. I also made her make me grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. Demanding, I am. I’m a very mean boss. And my assistant, it was her house! And she was paying me! Fool. I got her to do all the hard work!
We worked for a few hours until it finally looked like this:


We were both thrilled with how it turned out! I am so in love with her wall! That’s totally weird, I know. You can do this too. The materials were about $100. And it took about 4 hours to put it up.
Let me know if you have any questions! It’s okay to ogle and drool. I won’t tell.

DIY Bulletin Board

My boys have a crap-load of paperwork that they bring home. Tons. And it drives me batty. I’m sure many of you can relate. What generally happens is it gets thrown out or lost and then things don’t get turned in or done on time. We needed a fix. Pronto. We have baskets where they keep some of their favorite pieces of artwork or things they bring home, but we needed more.

I could have just grabbed some cork boards from Target or Michael’s and called it good, but of course, I needed to create something. I went to Home Depot in hopes of finding something that I could use as a bulletin board, and I did. One of the helpful HD guys directed me towards a product that is used under siding for homes…I think it’s called builtrite or buildrite. It looks a bit like hardboard, but is softer and not smooth on one side. ¬†Pushpin friendly.



I had the gentleman at HD cut a 4×8 sheet into four pieces for me and that was it. It’s not an expensive material either, maybe $17 for the whole sheet.

We have a lack of fabric stores where I am, so I had to go into the cities to get some fabric. I found two fabrics that I debated between, one was a softer butterfly fabric and the other was a bold fabric…this time, I went bold! I figured that I will want to change it in a few years anyway, so why not try something different!

I laid out the fabric on our library table and used it as a guide to cut my pieces.



Then I just placed the board on top (fabric is flipped over, so the right side will be out) and started stapling the material to it.



After I stapled the fabric all the way around, I measured 2 inches in from the sides and 2 inches down from the top and attached some d-rings to the board.


Super easy! You can all do this!


Next up was measuring the spacing for the wall. On our wall, I marked the middle of the wall and the middle of the board and then measured out from each, I can’t remember how far the hooks were from the middle of the board, but then I just transferred that to the wall and put in screws with drywall anchors. Then I measured 8 inches in from each wall and put an anchor and screw and marked the distance to the other d-ring and then transferred that to the wall and put in another anchor and screw. And that was it. Middle board is centered on wall and the other two are six inches from the end (with 2 inches in for the d-ring on the board). Does this all make sense? In my brain, it totally makes sense.


So, in the end this is what I ended up with:



I know some of you may want me to move the pictures above to match the center of the boards, but I like the tiered look of this wall instead of lining everything up. In person it totally looks better. I promise.

The boys are already using them. We’ve got popcorn words, spelling words, homework assignments, and art. Love it! Turned out great and I have no more papers piled up on my kitchen counter!

Happy Monday!




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