Barn Door Window Cover


You know how sometimes you think of a project and you say to your husband, “Let’s do this….” And he says, “You know there are about a million more steps to this than you think?” And you say, “Oh, well it can’t be THAT bad.” And then it’s not easy?! That’s this project. But not terribly horrible. Just a little difficult.

We needed something to cover this window when we wanted it covered, I thought about doing plantation shutter, but it’s a custom sized window and would have cost around $300. I didn’t want curtains and I didn’t want blinds. So I figured we could do a barn door. I thought about using the same track we used in the bathroom, but I wanted something a little less bulky.

I found a place on Amazon that sells barn door parts and found some wheels for $7/each! Not bad. I also had my metal guys cut a piece to span the entire width of the wall. Then I also had them make brackets that would attach to the door and the wheel. That was only $40.

I found a set of bifold closet doors at Home Depot and all I had to do was unscrew the hinges. They fit the window exactly. EXACTLY. Like they were meant to be.

Before we started we had a drawing with all of the measurements so that we could be pretty exact on this project. I mean, it is right up in the center of our house and everyone sees it, so a crooked window covering would not be good.


There was math. A lot of math. It made my brain hurt.

We also had to figure out how to get the track a little off the wall. We thought about having the metal guys weld a piece of metal on the back, but we weren’t exactly sure how much room we would need, so we didn’t have them do that. Instead, while we were at HD, we grabbed a one inch piece of pipe. It’s really just a threaded connector.

First we attached the brackets to the door. We measured how far down we needed them to be taking into account the trim and how much space we wanted between the track and the window.



We initially put them on the outside edge of the door, but then ended up having to move them in about half an inch so that the wheels didn’t touch in the middle….wahwah….

In addition to that mishap we had several others. We thought there was a header above the window so we gave the metal guys exact places to put the holes. There wasn’t a header. Rats. So we ended up drilling about half a dozen holes in the wall to find the studs because our stud finder wasn’t working. But those holes are covered by the track, so no big deal. Then we had to re-drill new holes in the track using the drill press (One of my very favorite tools. It drills through anything people. Anything.).


Here’s a photo of the track with the extender:


We used lots of washers and lots of nuts and bolts. $60 worth of nuts and bolts and washers! We also had to use a locking nut on the roller to keep the bolt from unscrewing when the wheel rolled. Not an issue until it falls off the track!

All-in-all not the easiest project, but honestly one of my favorite! It adds so much to this wall, I just love it!




Happy Monday!



Vintage Porch Glider

I have a list. Do you have a list? My list consists of things like this:

Large Dough Bowl

Mexican Tile 6×6

Old work bench for bar

Old hanging scale

Vintage Porch Glider

Pie Safe

Vintage Quilts

36″ door with glass

Vintage metal porch chairs

Anything campaign style

Big Wire Spools to use as tables

That’s my “Buy if you see it list”.

On Sunday we were at the Steamboat Days Parade walking and promoting Carver Junk Company, and within the first three minutes of walking we saw the local picker sittin’ on his vintage glider watching the parade. And so I shouted, “Nice glider!” and he says, thanks want to buy it?! And I said, “How much?” And he said, “Forty bucks.” And I said, “I’ll do twenty.” And he said, “Okay.” Then I went on my merry way!


On Monday I picked it up, brought it home, unloaded it and came inside to find a sandblaster to make it shine. Within the next 20 minutes I had it loaded up again and was at the sandblaster, he told me to come back in an hour and he would have it done, and if I wanted to I could come early and watch! OKAY.

So, I watched him do it and it was so cool. You know how when you power wash something you can see the line where the dirt was? It was the exact same, but with sand. 150 psi of sand coming through a hose. Simply amazing.

Here’s what it looks like now:


I’m trying to decide how to paint it and what to do for cushions. I’m thinking white for the frame, because I have a fear of commitment. The cushions I could go bold, or I could go vintage, I haven’t decided yet. Fear of commitment, I tell ya.

I’ll keep you posted.

Laundry Room Floor Revamp


Do any of you remember a couple of years ago when I stripped out the linoleum in our old bathrooms and stained the plywood? Here’s a refresher:


The bathrooms in our previous house already had a nice smooth plywood floor, so I stained them and polyed them. And I LOVED THEM! Then we moved.

I wanted to do something similar in our new house, but the bathroom floors were just a regular plywood so I put ardex in the master bath and the half bath/mudroom. The boys’ bathroom is getting something different, I don’t know what yet, but something, but I want to wait until we replace the single vanity to a double.

Tom wasn’t convinced of this process for an entire room, so I told him I would test it out in the laundry room and see what we think. Instead of a full sheet, I decided to have Home Depot cut up some nice 3/4 inch maple plywood into 6 inch strips so that it looks like planks. I think if I do this somewhere else in the house I will go to the lumber yard and have them send the sheets through their machine, it’s flat and they get a more precise cut. Home Depot did great, but their cuts aren’t perfect, and I knew that going in. It’s the laundry room, and imperfection is a-okay in there. Or anywhere really….

I started by finding a straight line. 12 inches from the wall all the way down the wall. Then I drew a line and went off of that. Remember, no wall is perfectly straight. It just can’t be. So, we work with what we’ve got and do the best we can!


I dry fit everything in. Left it, then nailed it in with our pneumatic nail gun. I made sure I pulled and pushed everything as tight as I could so the cracks and creases were minimal. Then after that, I sealed it with poly.


Our laundry room isn’t huge, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t like to do laundry, so the less room I have, the faster I get out.



I absolutely love it. Seriously. I can hardly stand it. It makes me happy to see it! Of course, now I want to do it all over the upstairs. Tom is going to kill me.

Side note: See that dryer vent?! Well, the builders should have moved it over to the right about 4 inches, it doesn’t line up properly with the dryer and I am having a massive swear session trying to get the vent tube from the dryer to hook up and stay attached. It is driving me bonkers. Totally. But at least we have a nice floor…

Shoot me any questions you have. My email is not letting me respond properly, so I will answer any questions/comments here!

Shop White Butterfly

Good Morning! I wanted to pop in and give you a quick update on furniture business. It seems that Facebook is making it difficult for people to see any posts from my WB Business Page, and although I can’t blame them for needing/wanting to make money, it is rather frustrating to have only a small percentage of people even see posts from me.

If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area there are several ways that you can shop White Butterfly Furniture! You can go right here to And click on the tap that says “Shop White Butterfly” then click on ‘Available’.

You can also head down to Carver Junk Company, in the cutest little town in Carver County, Carver, MN.  We are open on the third weekend of every month. And sometimes we have special Saturday one day sales or extra special Wednesday preview sales! You can check their Facebook page for all those updates.

If you’ve got custom work you need done, let me know! I’d be happy to help you out. I can give you a quick quote with just a photo and some measurements.

I will also update the pick your paint page as often as I can. Pieces get through the workshop pretty quickly having to stock at Carver Junk, so sometimes I don’t have time to post them. But send me a message if you are looking for something specific and I can keep an eye out for it.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have! I am taking the week off to spend with family and do some treasure hunting, but I will be back with some make-overs and a few house updates next week!

Have a fantastic 4th of July!



Paint Sprayer

Good morning!

I thought I’d give you a little review of my sprayer experience so far. Just for review, I bought an inexpensive sprayer a few years ago from Harbor Freight, which is a type of hardware store. I kept putting off learning to use it out of fear. I didn’t want to mess up a piece of furniture!

But, the time finally came a few weeks ago when I found a very heavy duty and sturdy, but super inexpensive dresser at a barn sale that needed a bunch of work. So, I figured if it doesn’t work on this dresser, NBD (that’s ‘no big deal’ to you folks that aren’t up on your kid speak).


I had to re-glue the top because it had split, so I got to use my new big clamps. That was exciting! (It’s the little things people!) Then there were several drawers that needed to be glued and then I filled all the old pull holes, sanded them down, cleaned it up and then got out the sprayer.


I don’t have a picture of the sprayer, because, well, I broke it. I dropped it and it broke. So….now I need a new one, but this one was only $15. So, not a big loss. Plus there are a couple of other things I want different, anyway. But more on that in a minute.

I took some duck egg chalk paint and mixed it with a little water. The LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure) sprayer that I used required a lot of paint in the sprayer, but left a lot in the bottom, so I could just pour it back into the container when I was done with the piece. The bucket is on the bottom and sucks it up, so, the next one I buy is going to have the paint bucket on top so it flows down instead of being sucked up. (Does any of this make sense?)

The thing is, you just have to go for it. I go for it with everything else, I don’t know why I was so freaked out about this!


I LOVED USING IT! It worked great. I think the top flow will be even better. I distressed it lightly and then waxed it. I also found a bunch of great old wood knobs that I rubbed some MMS Tung Oil onto and I think they just look great with this dresser!

I love the sprayer! I did a couple of other pieces with it, but I don’t think I will be able to use it on every piece, some pieces just require a brush, and I really like the look of the brush strokes too! The drying time is a bit longer with the water mixed in, but the short spraying time makes it easy to deal with!

Let me know what questions you have, if you have any!



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