Painted Kitchen Island with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Well. I must preface this with, I love Annie Sloan Paint.

Also, don’t get angry at me about painting my brand new kitchen cabinets. The whole deal when we picked the cabinets was that we were going to paint them. We didn’t upgrade the cabinets, just the bottom of the line cabinet. So there. Sit on that.

I was home with a sick kid (and two more) the other day and it was also -10 degrees, that’s right. That was the actual temp, and I think that day it got to -3. I know you’re all jealous we live in this climate. It’s awesome.

I had debated painting with ASCP for some time and decided since I had a can of pure white and some wax, I’d just go for it. So…I did.

Now, you need to know that although I am a furniture painter and a lover of ASCP, I am no way an educator. I will explain what I did, but if you have serious questions, talk to a stockist near you! They have more answers than I do!

Here is what the kitchen island looked like when I started.



I got right to it.  I wiped the island down, got the gunk off. Painted the front side and started on the ends. And then I stopped. And cried. And cried. Because this happened.


Holy crap. That’s right. Cry for me. I will wait for you to get a tissue. It was awful. Like I just ruined my brand new house awful. I thought it stuck to everything?! But get this, Tom just said he kind of liked it?! What the what?! So, I let it dry and then sanded. And it still didn’t work. But get this. The front of the island, where the stools go. Not a problem. Same material, but no issues. I don’t get it.

I needed a fix that didn’t include leaving the house. Sick kid, cold temps, no patience….you get it, right?! So I thought about what I had on hand as well as what I was planning to do at some point anyway….we had some MDF planks that we had cut awhile ago to practice on the trim, so I grabbed some of that, cut it up and nailed it to the side.


No worries about the painted area under the island, that was only the second coat. It took three. Really dark cabinets. When I finish the rest, I am going to prime them first. That way I won’t go through so much paint.

So, I nailed those boards up, and painted them. I used some nails for the nail gun to space the boards. The hardest part was cutting them out on the other end to go around the outlet. I will be getting a jig saw this weekend. I will. I will.


We still need to put the trim around all the cabinets, it’s sitting in the garage somewhere, but damn, it’s so freaking cold out, my fingers freeze in seconds in the garage, plus I’d have to move stuff, and who wants to do that?! I’m lazy in so many ways, and not lazy in others. Priorities people. Priorities.


I like to sand and then wax. I know Annie Sloan says to wax then sand, but I do it the other way. No reason, I just prefer it.  I sanded lightly, then waxed lightly, and then wiped and buffed, then waxed again 24 hours later. I’m going to live with it like this for a little while and see how it holds up. If I need to lightly sand again and wax again, I will.

I picked wax over lacquer because I didn’t want to take the doors off and you have to do it in a clean, dust free place. I haven’t had any problems with the tops of my dressers, so I’m not too worried. I can ALWAYS touch things up if I need to. That’s the beauty of it.


Eventually that counter will be replaced with concrete. And, it’s not pink. Honestly. The sink will be a farmhouse sink and the faucet the most beautiful brass faucet ever. To match the brass pulls I have ordered. But that’s not going to happen for a little while…. But, these little updates with paint make me so happy and can tide me over until we can do the rest of the projects.


Note: Pendant lights are from Ikea. And they were painful to install. I have put up every single light in this house, and have decided that Ikea hardwired lighting, although really nice looking is very painful to install and I don’t recommend them. Sadly. But, if you want to swear and scream and cry, then totally go for it.

Second note: That fridge. Not there anymore. The darn ice maker didn’t work. They sent someone to fix it and it still didn’t work. So Home Depot took it back and sent us a new one. So far so good with the new one. Although it’s only been one day!

Third note: Turquoise cart from Ikea. I love it!

Fourth note: I think I need to paint the legs of the stools. I’m thinking emerald green….

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  1. Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely says:

    Lookin’ good! So exciting! We’re still house shopping. Putting a bid on a short sale today, but as we all know, those are anything but short, so the search continues. A new build in a subdivision is looking better and better. 😉

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