Moved In

I can’t find our cookbooks. Which obviously means that I can’t cook any food.

I can’t find the big glass measuring cup. Which obviously means that I can’t cook any food.

Our microwave isn’t vented yet. Which obviously means that I can’t cook any food.

The ice maker on our brand new fridge needs a new motor. Which obviously means that I can’t cook any food.

Our washer and dryer haven’t been installed. Which obviously means I can’t cook any food.

Our dishwasher hasn’t been installed. Which obviously means I can’t cook any food.

I can’t be bothered with cooking food because there are lights to be hung, boxes to empty, furniture to arrange, mirrors to hang shelving to build, oh, and a newborn to feed. Needless to say the Kwik Trip down the road makes a mean pizza.

We got the stomach flu, movers and appliances came, we travelled, we unpacked some, we travelled again, and now we are back. Ready to go.

The holidays were not lost on us, we had a great time with both sides of our families. As wonderful as it was, we are happy to be home and we aren’t planning to leave for several months!

The boys went to their first day of school yesterday. They seemed to like it, but of course didn’t want to go today. Awesome.

I promise that I will document as many projects as I can as often as I can! Our first project is done, hanging curtains. We also tackled the pantry shelving. We did it the same way we did the one in the old house. I will post about that right away. Next up the remaining closets.

I am saving receipts, taking lots of photos and will hopefully be able to show you the cost savings (or over spendings!) by having the builder leave some things for us to do.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from our family to yours! Stick around, we’ve got a lot to share and maybe some laughter and bloopers along the way!



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  1. Kelsey says:

    Yay!!!!! Such great pics…especially the family shot at the end! You look beautiful!!!! Hubby and I are in the beginning stages of building a new home of our own too. And when I say building…I mean a builder is building it of course. I would love any tips that you can share! We are having the builder leave some things off too…as well as having them upgrade certain things that I know will be easier for them to do. I am going to be on the lookout for a cool mantle…rustic vintage lighting for over the table…a cool faucet…etc. if you have any tips on things that you’d wished you’d have them leave off…or things that you are bummed you didn’t have them do PLEASE share! I’m so overwhelmed and pregnant with baby number three. When we move in our new little one will be only two months old! Sorry for the long comment. So excited for you guys!!

  2. Amy Lynne says:

    Congratulations! I am sure you saved a ton by saving so many things to do yourself! I wish we would have been able to do it that way! I am loving your floors! When you get a chance can you share about them? I mean like in a couple of months when things have settled down. 😉

  3. Kolein says:

    And the BEST PART….of all……because you can’t cook any food….NO GROCERY SHOPPING*!

    Congratulations on your move through it ALL!

    *glory hallelujah

    Happy New Year!

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