Barn Door Window Cover


You know how sometimes you think of a project and you say to your husband, “Let’s do this….” And he says, “You know there are about a million more steps to this than you think?” And you say, “Oh, well it can’t be THAT bad.” And then it’s not easy?! That’s this project. But not terribly horrible. Just a little difficult.

We needed something to cover this window when we wanted it covered, I thought about doing plantation shutter, but it’s a custom sized window and would have cost around $300. I didn’t want curtains and I didn’t want blinds. So I figured we could do a barn door. I thought about using the same track we used in the bathroom, but I wanted something a little less bulky.

I found a place on Amazon that sells barn door parts and found some wheels for $7/each! Not bad. I also had my metal guys cut a piece to span the entire width of the wall. Then I also had them make brackets that would attach to the door and the wheel. That was only $40.

I found a set of bifold closet doors at Home Depot and all I had to do was unscrew the hinges. They fit the window exactly. EXACTLY. Like they were meant to be.

Before we started we had a drawing with all of the measurements so that we could be pretty exact on this project. I mean, it is right up in the center of our house and everyone sees it, so a crooked window covering would not be good.


There was math. A lot of math. It made my brain hurt.

We also had to figure out how to get the track a little off the wall. We thought about having the metal guys weld a piece of metal on the back, but we weren’t exactly sure how much room we would need, so we didn’t have them do that. Instead, while we were at HD, we grabbed a one inch piece of pipe. It’s really just a threaded connector.

First we attached the brackets to the door. We measured how far down we needed them to be taking into account the trim and how much space we wanted between the track and the window.



We initially put them on the outside edge of the door, but then ended up having to move them in about half an inch so that the wheels didn’t touch in the middle….wahwah….

In addition to that mishap we had several others. We thought there was a header above the window so we gave the metal guys exact places to put the holes. There wasn’t a header. Rats. So we ended up drilling about half a dozen holes in the wall to find the studs because our stud finder wasn’t working. But those holes are covered by the track, so no big deal. Then we had to re-drill new holes in the track using the drill press (One of my very favorite tools. It drills through anything people. Anything.).


Here’s a photo of the track with the extender:


We used lots of washers and lots of nuts and bolts. $60 worth of nuts and bolts and washers! We also had to use a locking nut on the roller to keep the bolt from unscrewing when the wheel rolled. Not an issue until it falls off the track!

All-in-all not the easiest project, but honestly one of my favorite! It adds so much to this wall, I just love it!




Happy Monday!