Concrete Countertop Update


Thanks for the love for little Linc. He is doing just dandy. This is what he looked like the day after surgery:


I’d say he’s doing just fine.

Several months ago we added a new concrete counter to our kitchen using Ardex Feather Finish. You can read all about it here. Over the last few months I have received questions regarding the countertop and how it is holding up, so I thought I would give you a bit of an update.

Just to remind you here is where we started:


It seems so long ago!

And this is where we’re at right now:


We’re still loving the concrete! Now, this isn’t to say that it doesn’t have it’s issues. It does. But, those are mild compared to the love that we have for it.

I used 4 layers of Ardex. You can tell when it is dry and ready to sand and put another coat on. The color of the concrete changes from a wet look to a dry look. After the apply, dry, sand process, I initially put just a concrete sealer on it that I got from Home Depot. The container said to apply the sealer as many times as needed until the sealer beads up. Then you know you are done. Which was super, until it wasn’t. So, I read online somewhere to use a food safe wax as a sealer. So, I figured I would try it. I re-sealed and then applied two coats of wax. Brilliant! This was the key. The wax keeps the water from soaking in and the water just beads up on the counter and we wipe it away. It doesn’t fix everything, but we are okay with glass rings, water stains and surface scratches. I still clean the counter and know that it is clean, so I have no problems with it.



(This ring is from when someone put a hot pot on the counter without a rag or plate under it….)

The top of the counter has not cracked at all, but if you look at the picture above, you can see where it is a bit darker on the edge and then lighter. Those are the different layers of plywood that we used. And between each layer is a crack. It’s not a big deal. Not at all really. We don’t notice it and it hasn’t affected the working of the counter at all. This is pretty standard for concrete to crack and I’m surprised there aren’t any cracks on the top.

This is a high traffic area. And when I say high traffic, I mean it is used during all hours of the day. And sometimes night. It gets used. A lot. So we expected it to patina (that’s fancy for looking old and used.).


In the end, we still love them! I would do it all over again. Honestly. The bag is $25. The labor was free. And I love our huge workspace. If you remember, or don’t, I did the landing of our stairs:


And our master bathroom floor:


And I still love them both!

Let me know if you have any questions!



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