Laundry Room Floor Revamp


Do any of you remember a couple of years ago when I stripped out the linoleum in our old bathrooms and stained the plywood? Here’s a refresher:


The bathrooms in our previous house already had a nice smooth plywood floor, so I stained them and polyed them. And I LOVED THEM! Then we moved.

I wanted to do something similar in our new house, but the bathroom floors were just a regular plywood so I put ardex in the master bath and the half bath/mudroom. The boys’ bathroom is getting something different, I don’t know what yet, but something, but I want to wait until we replace the single vanity to a double.

Tom wasn’t convinced of this process for an entire room, so I told him I would test it out in the laundry room and see what we think. Instead of a full sheet, I decided to have Home Depot cut up some nice 3/4 inch maple plywood into 6 inch strips so that it looks like planks. I think if I do this somewhere else in the house I will go to the lumber yard and have them send the sheets through their machine, it’s flat and they get a more precise cut. Home Depot did great, but their cuts aren’t perfect, and I knew that going in. It’s the laundry room, and imperfection is a-okay in there. Or anywhere really….

I started by finding a straight line. 12 inches from the wall all the way down the wall. Then I drew a line and went off of that. Remember, no wall is perfectly straight. It just can’t be. So, we work with what we’ve got and do the best we can!


I dry fit everything in. Left it, then nailed it in with our pneumatic nail gun. I made sure I pulled and pushed everything as tight as I could so the cracks and creases were minimal. Then after that, I sealed it with poly.


Our laundry room isn’t huge, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t like to do laundry, so the less room I have, the faster I get out.



I absolutely love it. Seriously. I can hardly stand it. It makes me happy to see it! Of course, now I want to do it all over the upstairs. Tom is going to kill me.

Side note: See that dryer vent?! Well, the builders should have moved it over to the right about 4 inches, it doesn’t line up properly with the dryer and I am having a massive swear session trying to get the vent tube from the dryer to hook up and stay attached. It is driving me bonkers. Totally. But at least we have a nice floor…

Shoot me any questions you have. My email is not letting me respond properly, so I will answer any questions/comments here!