Sell This House

Well hello strangers! I know posts are few and far between, but we’ve been gearing up for something big around here!

For the last several years we’ve been dreaming of farm life or at least some room for the kids to run and play. We struggle with this dream on a daily basis as our kids are young and able to run to their friends to play for a little while or bike around the neighborhood to the park. But, the dream is real and we’re hoping to get into something in the coming year. Because of that, we decided to list our house! We don’t have to move, we love our neighborhood, but like I said, we would love some room to roam!

If you remember from when we moved in, we left some things unfinished because we wanted to put our stamp on it. We are not the typical cookie-cutter home people, which for us is great! We are so proud of the projects we have done here! From the barn door window coverings to the rustic trim, planked walls, wood stairs, planked floors and my personal favorite the foyer chandelier we have done some interesting projects here!

Here are a couple photos from a photo shoot that an amazing photographer did for us! His name is Borna and he is seriously amazing at what he does. Just in case you would like to check him out, his website is Square Feet Floorplans.


We love our space. We love that it isn’t perfect. We love that it is so family friendly. And hopefully we can find someone to love it too!

Happy Tuesday!