DIY Planked Wall with technicolor

Good morning!
As you know, I’ve planked a wall or two in my day. In fact I’ve started to plank other people’s walls, because I’m running out of walls in our house to plank!
I did this wall at my friends house:

And then our friend/neighbor saw her wall and wanted me to do something similar but a teeny bit different in her house.
So yesterday I did that. But first, I had to get the kind people at Home Depot to cut some boards in 6 inch and 4 inch strips. It took awhile, but they were stars and got it all done.
Then I came home and lined my driveway with all the planks and stained several of them in dark walnut, weathered gray and Jacobean.
I randomly stacked them, not thinking about where or how many were in the pile.
Then we got started:
Nothing out of the norm. I started at the top and worked my way over and down. The boards aren’t 1. Perfectly straight and 2. All the same width. The machine at HD is not perfect, so make sure that if you do this, you make piles of the closest sizes as far as width goes and use the same width pieces in the same row, or you will be off, and you’ll have gaps and you’ll swear my name and break down and cry and throw things. Don’t do that. Measure the board width too, so that they line up.
After I got started on a few rows, I made demands from my trusty assistant to get me boards, cut them randomly and don’t bring me the same length, ever. I also made her make me grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. Demanding, I am. I’m a very mean boss. And my assistant, it was her house! And she was paying me! Fool. I got her to do all the hard work!
We worked for a few hours until it finally looked like this:


We were both thrilled with how it turned out! I am so in love with her wall! That’s totally weird, I know. You can do this too. The materials were about $100. And it took about 4 hours to put it up.
Let me know if you have any questions! It’s okay to ogle and drool. I won’t tell.